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To view the Instructor Portal tutorial click here.

To run the Instructor Portal demo click here.

The AlaQuest AS3 instructor Portal provides an easy to use, on-line, secure access to instructor data input requirements including attendance and grades. Privileges can be established as to what information can be viewed and updated. Additional functionality can be added for either data input or data access. Below are samples of the base Instructor Portal Module. The Instructor Portal can be customized for your school’s requirements.

Instructors have a convenient way to update class and student information 24/7 via the internet.

Instructor Portal Features
  • Instructor Portal Secure Log-In
instructor portal secure log-in screen

  • AS3 Instructor Portal Attendance Edit Screen, features a default attendance status for simplified entry
instrucotr portal attendance screen

  • AS3 Instructor Portal Grade Edit Screen
instructor portal grade edit screen