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Key Benefits
  • Management is alerted when any book has reached the re-order point.
  • Daily & Monthly Sales Journals provide instant information.
  • Any items and/or services can be tracked as well as books.
  • Book listings by Student provide a means for a student to sign-off for books received.
  • The system automatically updates and maintains the quantity-on-hand in the Book File when books are sold, thus providing a real-time inventory system.
Key Features
  • Up to nine books can be linked to each Class entry in the Course Section File of Student Records.
  • When scheduling is done, the system can optionally assign all the predetermined books to the student being scheduled.
  • Books that have been scheduled to students can optionally be charged to the A/R Ledger Cards of those students.
  • The Book File maintains totals of quantity-on-hand for each book.
  • The system automatically updates and maintains the quantity-on-hand in the Book Files when books are updated to student accounts.
  • Point-of-Purchase Sales Entry for Book Store. Books and items can be scanned at the register and optionally be charged to the student's account or paid for at that time.
Key Reports
  • Transaction File Report -provides a listing of all books posted in the Book Sales System.
  • Book File Report -an inquiry or hard copy report prints the book price, book cost, quantity-on-hand, and the quantity-on-order.
  • Books By Publisher - prints your book file by publisher.
  • Daily and Monthly Sales Journals.
  • Reorder Report.