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Administrative Solutions 3 is a complete software system designed to meet the daily needs related to the successful operation of a post secondary institution. The software spans most of your business activities from tracking leads through tracking alumni.

AS3 is extremely flexible so it can fulfill your requirements without modifications. The product is not a spreadsheet program or word processor; it contains hundreds of computer programs and data files that work together with a friendly, mouse-driven interface for the end-user.

In summary, you will use the software to monitor leads and advertisements, enroll and schedule students, track grades and attendance, post tuition and other charges, apply financial aid, and find jobs for your students within career services. What makes AS3 unique is how the software modules are integrated to seamlessly move information from one department to the next as a student progresses through the student life cycle.

Administrative Solutions 3 is a product that has continued to evolve over the past 40 years. It has been installed in over 400 schools, coast-to-coast and abroad. Institutions both small and large find AS3 perfect for their needs; schools range from 50 students and one computer operator to those with over 4,000 students and 128 operators. Both large and small organizations will find the software more than adequate for their needs, and affordable as well!