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Version 7.40


Online Registration is now available. The registrar can set up the active courses by subject, program, or any other logical grouping. When a student submits his choices, they are analyzed for prerequisites, co-requisites, conflicts, available seating, etc. If there are no errors, the choices are instantly updated within AS3, populating the schedules, rosters, and transaction journals.

Other Portals The Student, Instructor, Prospect, and Graduation portals have been upgraded. A student can see his account, schedule, degree audit, search the library for a book, etc. An instructor can enter grades and attendance. A prospect can fill out a form and it is delivered immediately to your Admissions Department in AS3. And students can search your database for available jobs.


Some inquiry screens are now HTML screens and can display the student's picture and permit you to send an email right from that screen.


Selection File (I) - All modules that use Selection Files for creating lists of students to be processed are affected. The number of Selection Files has been increased. Instead of only 01 - 99 as valid ID's for Selection Files, you can now use letters also, e.g., 15, A8, GP, ZZ, etc. are all valid ID's.


Graduation Tracking Menu - From the Student Records/Data Entry Menu you will now find a new option: Graduation Tracking. On this menu, a file is now available for you to track the requirements for graduation for each student. If a student has not fulfilled the requirements you define, you will be alerted that there are items overdue for that student. The menu also includes the two options for graduating students: Graduation Journal and Status Entry.

Future Course Requirements Report This report prints courses still required by students selected at your request. A required course is one that is part of a student's Degree Audit and has not yet been completed, nor has it been scheduled for that student. An option is included to print for more than one campus providing campus and grand totals.

Self-Registration This version includes an option for a student in the school to login to the registration software and register using the same software that AS3 offers with its Online Registration Portal. The Registrar receives logs and reports to monitor the activity.

Course Curriculum Tracking Each instructor can layout, by date, the plan for the course meeting for each day during the term. After making the entries, the calendar of the information is available to be printed or viewed. The plan for each day can include links to information on the internet, power points, etc.

Delete Attendance This new utility enables you to delete specific or all attendance transaction records for one or more students.

Weekly Scheduling With this new addition, a student can now have a different schedule for every week of a given term. For example, MTH101 can meet during week one on Monday and Wednesday at 9am, and during week two on Tuesday at 10am, and during week three on Thursday at 4pm, etc.

Fast Reg This entry program will read your WORD enrollment document, populate the Student Demographics of Student Entry, post the initial schedule, bill the student tuition and fees, and optionally create a payment plan. This process takes about 18 seconds!

Period File Listing This report has been added to the Listings available on the Support Files / Listings Menu. It prints all your period codes in Start Time order.

Students by Major List Last Term Scheduled added to this report. You can also filter the output by Last Term Scheduled. This report is on the Support Files / Listings menu.

Rebuild Academics You now have the option to enter a single student ID when you execute the Rebuild. In the past you had to enter a range of students.

Learning Management Systems Interface (LMS) AS3 now offers interfaces to Moodle and Google Classroom learning management systems. You can pass information about your rosters to and from these software products. Thus, in AS3 you schedule, pass information to LMS, receive information back from LMS, and then your transcripts and records are updated.


Earnings Report The report will not have earnings for a student for a month in which the student was on a leave of absence for the entire month.

1098 Preliminary Report This new report, one-line per student, follows the forms printing to show how many students printed 1098's and who the students are and the amount for each student.

Transaction Type Reports Tran type added with the description.

Delete Payment Plans The system administrator can specify a password that is required for the user to delete one or more payment plans.


AS3 now interfaces with more third party financial aid servicers.

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