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What are the minimum requirements?

The smallest configuration can be a Windows 95 PC, Pentium 1, with 32 megabytes of RAM and a hard drive containing 500 megabytes of free space.
What is the "look and feel" of the software?

AS3 has a standard "windows look" and is mouse-driven.
Is AS3 flexible enough to meet our needs?

In the majority of cases, no changes to the software are necessary. The products were written with the needs of most schools in mind. Thus, if your institution has credit hour and/or clock hour programs, the software will recognize this and adjust accordingly. Our programming staff is always available to customize the software if your requirements demand it.
Is AS3 easy to learn and use?

The software comes with a manual and extensive user help. Depending on prior computer experience and the complexity of the school and its procedures, this can be enough for an end user to become efficient in the operation of the software. In other cases, you might desire one of the three forms of training offered by AlaQuest: training at one of AlaQuest's training centers, training at your site by one of AlaQuest's trainers, or on-line phone training.
What type of schools use AlaQuest software?

Career schools, colleges, and universities.
How do we get our existing data into AS3?

The AS3 software includes an import feature designed specifically for this purpose.
Does AS3 interface with accounting and/or financial aid servicers?

Yes. Please ask your sales rep for specifics.
Is the product ODBC compatible?

Yes. This means other ODBC compatible products (such as, Access, Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Crystal Reports) can utilize your data in AS3.
What support and/or customer service options are available?

AlaQuest provides support for all its software modules. Support includes unlimited phone calls, hotline modem support, software updates and ongoing AS3 software warranty.
What is the cost?

The AS3 product is one of the most affordable systems on the market. To get a customized quote, please call your sales rep for details.