AlaQuest’s Support is Unsurpassed!

We recently received the following email from Glenda D. Crawford, Technical Programs Director for Savannah River College:

Hats Off to AlaQuest Tech Support !!!!

“We are using the Student Records Academic & Scheduling reporting options such as Instructor Schedules, Student Schedules, Class Roster, Transcripts, Grade Reports and the list goes on and on. Thanks for being available last week as the deadline quickly approached before going live. Your prompt assistance kept us moving right along towards the deadline.”

We know how important it is to be there when we are needed.

AlaQuest’s AS3 Administrative School Software continues to provide real solutions to the post secondary school market. To learn more about AlaQuest International, and AS3 click here and call us at (800) 851-4581 for a demo of AS3.

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