AlaQuest Announces ’Print to PDF’

Using the optional ’Print to PDF’ feature, users of AS3 can now set up a document which includes a school logo or any other pre-printed form!

When you select your printer while generating a document or report, the PDF option is an additional choice for the operator; that is, you can now print to the screen, a physical printer, a file, or a PDF form. Click here to see sample print-outs on the AlaQuest website, such as a transcript, schedule, account card, etc. in the Sample Reports document, pages 13, 14, 15.

AlaQuest’s AS3 Administrative School Software continues to provide real solutions to the post secondary school market. To learn more about AlaQuest International, and AS3 visit the AlaQuest web site and call us at (800) 851-4581 for a demo of AS3.

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