AS3 Features Web Portals for Distance Learning

AlaQuest AS3 Web Portals help you run your school locally or remotely. With what seems like daily changes regarding keeping safe from COVID-19, the ability to work remotely at your discretion is now a reality. AlaQuest AS3 has 5 Web Portals that enable you to run your school efficiently. They process information in real time providing you, your staff and students with the most current information.

AS3 Portals include:
  • Registration Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Graduate Portal
  • Instructor Portal
  • Prospect Portal
  • Supports Moodle and Google Classroom
Student Portal

Another feature of AS3 is the ability to encrypt your data so it is secure and safe from hacking and Ransomware. Files when opened are not readable with AES 256 Encryption, and with Thoroughbred's DataSafeGuard™ DR a clean back-up is maintained. Additional hardware may be required for DR.

To see more and demo the Portals, click here.

For additional information please contact your AlaQuest Representative.

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