AlaQuest AS3 Admissions and Student Information Software

AS3 is a fully integrated Postsecondary Administrative and Student Information System (SIS) software solution including recruiting, admissions, scheduling, grades, attendance, accounts, financial aid, housing, career services, web portals, Title IV support, TAP support, contact methods, library, housing and client management. Special versions include Cosmetology, Massage and Clinic Systems.

Some AS3 key features include:

  • Web Portals, Student, Instructor, Prospect, Graduate/Jobs
  • FastReg™ Registrations with a minimum of keystrokes
  • e-Dash™ Analytics, 1 keystroke access to key information
  • Licensed or Cloud Hosted Versions
  • IPEDS and 1098 Support
  • Back-Up and DR Services


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AlaQuest has been in business over 40 years, and has installed over 400 AS3 systems.
On-premise and Hosted versions are available.

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Windows/UNIX/Linux/ODBC Compatible
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