AlaQuest AS3 Administration and Student Information System for Postsecondary Schools

AS3 FastReg™ reduces the time to register students and create the forms needed to a bare minimum of keystrokes and time!

AlaQuest AS3 is a completely integrated postsecondary Student Information and School Administration system for schools looking to simplify the registration process and run your school efficiently.

Here is the process:

  • Import the data from your school's Enrollment Agreement, no need to re-enter the demographics.
  • Create the schedule for the student.
  • Bill the student (tuition and unlimited fees).
  • Post the payment plan.
  • Print the Registration Profile.
  • Print the Payment Schedule.
  • Print Student Account Card.

The Registration is complete. Isn't this what you have been looking for?

All necessary forms are printed

To see more about AS3 with FastReg, Gainful Employment support, LMS API's to Moodle and Google Classroom, e-Dash dashboard analytics and more please click here , or call your AlaQuest representative.

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