AlaQuest AS3 Web Information Portals

Optional with AlaQuest's AS3 Administrative and Student Information System are the AS3 Web Portals. The portals will reduce the amount of time for providing student and school services. The AS3 Portals include:

  • Student Portal
  • Prospect Portal
  • Instructor Portal
  • Jobs Portal

The AS3 Portals use live data from your AS3 system so all the information is current and up-to-date. The example below is a Student Schedule:

Students can download a number of items and forms reducing Administrative workload. Instructors can enter grades and attendance at anytime, anywhere. Graduates can search for jobs, and prospects can enter information for processing by recruiters.

Other recent enhancements include automated Gainful Employment Reports and Constant Contact interface.

To see more about AlaQuest AS3 and to schedule an AS3 demo please click here or call us.

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