AlaQuest AS3, The Complete School Solution!

AlaQuest’s AS3 School Administration and Student Information software is a completely integrated solution for post-secondary schools. Why run your school on 3 or 4 different systems, requiring multiple, duplicate data entry to keep everything up-to-date? Do you have the budget to pay for that extra time?

AS3 has many advanced features to help you run your school better including: Web Portals for students, graduates and faculty; prospect and student tracking; scalable architecture to support 25 students or thousands of students; licensed and cloud-based systems deployment; PDF print option; prospect system to increase enrollment and more. AS3 is fully integrated, easy to learn and use. Your school can be up and running in very little time.

Students really like the Web Graduate/Jobs Portal. All the data is in AS3!

Web Graduate/Job Portal

Our Web Portals include: Prospects, Students, Graduates/Jobs, and Instructors. The information is securely available 24/7, every day and unattended.

Schedule a demo and see for yourself! AS3 is available as an in-house Licensed or Cloud-based system for low monthly fees.

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