AlaQuest and Thoroughbred® Announce a Strategic Alliance

AlaQuest International, Inc. with headquarters in Lebanon, New Jersey, and Thoroughbred Software International, Inc., with headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey, announce a Strategic Alliance between the two firms. The AlaQuest Administrative Solutions 3 (AS3) postsecondary school software solution is developed with Thoroughbred’s OPENworkshop® and T-WEB™ Object and Web development software. Thoroughbred will be marketing and providing support for certain AlaQuest products. Thoroughbred will also be developing web-based portals for Student Access, Instructor Access, and other future web interfaces to AS3.

For over 30 years, AlaQuest has been solely dedicated to the research, development, sales, and support of school administrative software products for the postsecondary educational marketplace. AlaQuest’s AS3 is a completely integrated solution for postsecondary schools and includes products for admissions, scheduling, grades, attendance, student accounts, financial aid, placement, housing, alumni, book sales, library and more. AS3 has been installed in over 400 institutions in all 50 of the United States, and, in addition, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia. AlaQuest has a reputation for personal service, integrity, and commitment to its customers that has enabled AlaQuest to remain a leader in the industry since the 1970’s.

Thoroughbred brings its 30 years experience in development systems, database management, services and Internet technologies to the to the AlaQuest AS3 software solution. The AS3 solution is for postsecondary schools and colleges including trade schools, massage and nursing schools, beauty, transportation and other small to medium trade schools and colleges. Thoroughbred provides leading edge software development technologies, services, support and products which enhance the AS3 solution. Support and Services locations include New Jersey, Texas, California and Georgia.

For more information on AS3 please click here or call us at (800) 988-3536.

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