AlaQuest Announces AS3 Internet Style, e-AS3!

AlaQuest announced today that its AS3 School Administrative Software is now available on the Internet as a hosted system for post-secondary schools. All you and your staff need are workstations with a connection to the Internet. An in-house server is no longer required. Say goodbye to the IT expense and support that goes with an in-house system. All connections are secure with our encrypted SSH Web Viewer, TbredComm.

e-AS3 sample

Sample of e-AS3

Yes, we still support in-house systems, but now you have a choice to go Internet-based as well. Log in through the Internet and you are ready to go with e-AS3! It’s as easy as that. The same robust AlaQuest AS3 School Administrative application that has been powering over 400 schools for 30 years can be yours over the Internet. We can have you up and running in no time. The system is always kept up to date, backed up and available at any time for a low monthly rate from your school or from a remote location like a business office or even your home!

AlaQuest has been providing comprehensive school administration systems to post-secondary schools for over 30 years. Get the best, AlaQuest AS3 and now e-AS3. Click here for more information or call us at (800) 851-4581.

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